Longevity Kitchen is more than a collection of recipes

Here comes another cookbook featuring healthy fare and recipes. Rebecca Katz addresses health issues and lists specific benefits to certain foods in the first several chapters.


This isn’t a typical cookbook layout where recipes start after a short introduction. I must say the first third of this book is very informative and interesting.

When the recipes are presented they are divided into the following categories:
Soups and broths
Protein-building foods
Nibbles & noshes
Dollops of yum
Invigorating tonics & elixirs
Sweet bites

There are substitutions you may make to adapt a recipe for vegetarians or vegans but meat, milk and butter products are certainly listed in many recipes. Overall a good book for reference as well as recipes. Great layout, good photography and index.


  • I received this book from Blogging from Books program.  All opinions, kind and otherwise, are my own. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Longevity Kitchen is more than a collection of recipes

  1. I saw this at BFB but decided on Nonsense by Jamie Holmes. I might pick this book next if it’s available since I’m always looking for vegan recipes. My oldest son and his family are vegan.


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