#OneWord update

I was going to wait to update my progress with #OneWord until the end of the month.  My word is Responsibility and so far I have been staying on the path.  It’s only been two weeks but it isn’t easy to modify your old ways.  I had talked about personal and financial responsibility and how I expected to carry out my lofty goals.  So what progress is there?


1.        I cut up my personal credit card.  Yes, we still have  a family credit card for emergencies and such but we don’t abuse it.  My personal credit card…yeeeeeah….I abused it big time.  But now I can’t because the card is in little shredded ribbons in the trash.  This is a huge one for me and I can tell you – it was like a weight was lifted off me.  Removed the temptation, that’s what I did.

2.       Budgeting.  We always had a budget and each payday we’d go over the bills, pay them and discuss goals.  Now I feel like the budget is in better shape.  We made the decision to pay the auto insurance – the full balance, not minimum payment.  This way we not only save $3 a month with installation fees, but that payment is taken care of for six months.  We can concentrate on other debts.

3.       We canceled Netflicks.     Netflicks wasn’t a huge monthly bill but it’s gone.  I’m not saying we won’t subscribe again but right now, I am enjoying reading more than we had been.  Many of the movies we wanted to watch have been available through our local library….yes, even the new releases.  We are very fortunate to have a great library system with so much variety.  I can check out eBooks from our library too.  Anyway, the reason we canceled was the long waits for DVDs and since we can’t stream video, that seemed a good idea to stop service.

4.       Starbucks.  That’s one habit that we are keeping….in moderation.  We don’t go there every day, never have, but it’s easy to get addicted to the Flat White coffee.  My feeling is, you need to indulge a little or you feel deprived.  That’s why diets fail.  People deprive themselves of anything pleasurable and then you crack and give in.  Moderation is the key to everything.  We keep our Flat White habit to the weekends and use their FREE Wi-Fi


That’s the short 2 week progress report.  Like I said, I was going to wait a month but I’m feeling like any progress to report is motivational.  To me and possibly to anyone else participating in #OneWord

I was reading Bryan’s post at Still Unfinished and this motivated me do an update.

How is everyone else doing?


8 thoughts on “#OneWord update

  1. Looks like you and your family are doing well. Congratulations. We used to have Netflix with DVDs but now do have streaming. However, we did cancel Hulu and it’s completely understandable cutting Netflix altogether, if you have such a great library system…which yay, libraries! And yes to moderation and not giving up on Starbucks and free wi-fi. Absolutely. Love free wi-fi. Heck, who doesn’t love anything free?


    • Thank you, Bryan. We love our library system here, it’s excellent. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a great library and all the resources we have. We sure wish we could stream video but we can’t. Limited to a certain number of gigs per month and streaming would eat it up. That would be wonderful for Longmire and Walking Dead, instead of waiting for DVDRelease 😒


  2. Looks like you’re doing a great job Tina!

    I haven’t used a credit card in such a long time, but Starbucks…oh me! My local Barnes & Noble has one and it’s kinda difficult not to order an iced coffee while browsing the books. The smell is like a magnet.


    • It is indeed a magnet for me too, Vicki. I like the iced coffee as well as a flat white. I recognize now that I don’t need a personal credit card. Too dangerous!


  3. You’re doing well! I had a Dunkin Donuts card habit, so I stopped adding to the card. Now if I stop for a coffee, it’s a treat and I have to pay cash! I didn’t choose a word, but my resolution was to think positive, so I’m trying! We had to do some financial belt tightening this month, so we decided we could cut back on our grocery spending and eating out, which we’ve been doing pretty well with. It’s a fun challenge to cook with what we’ve already got on hand, and I’ve been using the slow cooker more, so that we have dinner ready instead of picking up Chinese food or something.


    • That sounds great, Laurie. Our treat is Chinese, sometimes pizza, but only once every two weeks period. I have started my meal planning for posting ( to my food blog), I have always planned meals but committing to posting them with photos has me on track. I also like Dunkin Donuts.

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  4. Great progress! I can definitely see where cancelling Netflix makes sense since you don’t have access to streaming. There are so many great DVD options at the library and more reading is always good! I like that you’re keeping some splurges in moderation. I agree with your thoughts there! Good luck!


    • Thanks so much, Katherine. It’s hard to pull back on spending when I was used to whipping out that credit card. I am much happier now, knowing I am making responsible choices.

      So fortunate are we to have a great library. I’d love streaming but hey, I am reading and crocheting more now.


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