British Isles Friday Linkup

So I’m scrolling around on Twitter and found a few links and sites you may be interested in if you like British topics.


The Best of British UK –  @bestofbritishuk

The Best of British UK features popular nostalgia and British subject matter. It’s a magazine available at W H Smith’s bookstore but they tweet #On This Day facts such as birthdates for British writers, performers and television shows. It’s been fun scrolling through.


So Very British –  @SoVeryBritish

Very British Problems is out in book form sharing all fun things British, observations and language translations.  A few examples:

“He’s a bit of a character” translation: “He’s the worst person I ever met.”

Today’s diet: Bits sneakily sliced and picked from the edges of things you’re not allowed to eat yet


Nigel Slater  –  @NigelSlater

Love his cookbooks. They read like a journal which many of them are so……lots of good food and recipes here.

The British Library –  @BritishLibrary
Self-explanatory but: Keep up to date with all the news from the British Library.

BBC Breaking News –  @BBCBreaking
Keeping up with the news

If you have some favorites please share!  This is just a sampling of what I check out on Twitter.

Linking up with Joy’s British Isles Friday


6 thoughts on “British Isles Friday Linkup

  1. Hi Tina, great selection you’ve got there! I love the Very British Problems on twitter, they are so teddibly funny. I also love Joy’s British Isles Friday meme; it’s a great excuse to indulge in my own anglophilism (I think I just made up that word) My #BriFri post takes be back to England for Day 14 of my walking tour.


  2. What terrific resources! I enjoy getting a daily news email from the BBC — not just British news but world news is better than my normal sources.


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