Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

The majority of evenings here we have been sitting in the den, listening to music and talking. After almost 32 years of marriage we still have quite a bit to share, laugh and plot about. That’s something I take for granted sometimes and I shouldn’t. We’ve always had good times since we locked on to each other 33 years ago. I’m fortunate.


Our taste in music is the same and we’ll go from James McMurtry to Dave Matthews to Pink Floyd to classical. It just depends on what we are in the mood for any particular evening. One evening we decided to start on this enormous collection of Mozart.

It was relaxing, something non demanding so if we chose to read together (or read and crochet) you could concentrate on the book at hand. It was so enjoyable that we decided to see the collection through. Lots and lots of CDS spanning concertos, divertimento, sonatas, symphonies and…we haven’t gotten to it yet – opera. I’m not so sure about the opera.

Here is the box and the bookmark is where we are in this journey. Mozart was a prolific genius. I am loving everything we have heard so far. Ok, the focus on the flute on some of the pieces wasn’t….soothing. I’m not a classical music expert and couldn’t tell you the titles, except Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, but I am gaining an appreciation for Mozart.


Something else we enjoy in the den while listening to music is indulging in a short toddy. Aja has started moving into the den immediately after dinner because our cocktail time coincides with her getting a few treats. She knows when the cocktail glasses come out, so do her bag of treats. I think she may like the music too. After she gets her treat she settles on a big pillow bed and goes to sleep.


The few nights we watch a DVD in the living room she doesn’t always join us. She’ll come out for a little bit of time but then she goes up to bed before the movie is over.

I’ll keep posting about the musical journey and let you know what happens when Mozart’s operas are in queue. Willing to give anything a shot….


I’m cross posting to Squirrel Head Manor because i wasn’t sure where this post fit. Both places yet neither one 🙂

4 thoughts on “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

  1. What a great collection! I love all kinds of music with the exception of rap etc. that contain potty language and vulgarity.

    Aja is such a beautiful dog. It sounds like you and your husband are best friends. I miss that.


  2. I absolutely love this Tina! What an inspiration to have such companionship after 33 years–I certainly hope to have that with my husband in another 23 years (we’re coming up on 10 in May).


    • Thank u, Trish. I think you and your husband are in it for the long haul! I love your family photos and you all seem very devoted to one another. Doug and I have always enjoyed the same interests and hanging out together. I am fortunate!


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