Make Me by Lee Child

5114SvyFceL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_This year I planned to read all of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child….if I could. I read the first book in the series (The Killing Floor) and found it to be a bit gruesome. Lots of action, some intrigue, but grisly.

My husband has read all of the series. As a matter of fact, he was finishing up Make Me while I was reading book 1…….he told me that book 1 was indeed a more gruesome book than any of his others. That being said, after we finished Make Me it may also go in the bordering-on-horror style book.  But only at the end….if that makes any sense.

By the way, you don’t have to read these books in order as it’s not a continuing storyline. Therefore, I grabbed the last book when Doug was done with it and read Make Me.

Okaaaaaaaay…….these are my only two references to this series and now I am having my doubts about continuing. It’s formulaic writing with a plot consisting of Reacher ending up in a small town, finding himself in the thick of some trouble that he had no part in, meeting a woman (a few are FBI agents), violent engagements he always wins, bedding the female lead in the book, and then it wraps up.

What I liked about this book was Reacher’s deductions and observations on ordinary events, For instance, Reacher and Chang needed to search a room for clues on the Chang’s partner, another former FBI agent who disappeared. Think about the usual places you would check a room. Reacher points out hiding places we’d never think of such as the inside of the air conditioner near the filter in a plastic pouch for service records. Or the inside of the folding louver doors – no one ever sees that part of the door. Brilliant hiding place.

What I didn’t care for in this book was the grisly imagery at the end. Reacher and Chang found out what happened to her partner and discovered a truly evil illegal business. The descriptions of what they found are disturbing and I don’t want them in my head. Like a song that gets stuck, you want to think of something else to replace it and I most certainly need a happy storyline to push this out. It’s dark, it’s disgusting, it’s frightening that such a situation could exist and it’s purely evil. There is a difference between villains and evil, wicked people.

I’d avoid this book, even if you enjoy a suspenseful mystery, because you will have trouble ridding yourself of the imagery. Or maybe that’s me and a small minority of readers. Next I will be reading something cheerful, or chick lit, or a memoir. I may try another Jack Reacher book but strike three and I’m done. Let’s try that another time.

I have just started The Finest Hours by Michael J. Tougias and  Casey Sherman and so far, I am hooked.

Happy reading!!

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6 thoughts on “Make Me by Lee Child

    • Pam, so now I have read the first and last book because my husband said you didn’t need to read them in order. It’s not a series type. I am going to try another one.


  1. I read the first eight, maybe, and then I gave up because they were all the same. He saves the world every time and doesn’t refer back to saving the world from the last book in the latest one. I think some series need to be given up after so many books and this was, and is, one of them.


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