British Isles Friday: Superman, True Brit

Superman: True Brit 

This farcical version of Superman has him landing in England and growing up as Colin Kent.


It’s quite tongue in cheek with the writing influences of John Cleese, Kim Johnson and John Byrne. This is the British tale of Superman reared by his adoptive English parents.

The drawings depict the caricatures people think of about England, the fodder jokes and stereo types such as the men with pitch helmets, bad dentistry, continual rain and fish mongers having a go at one another.


Here’s another stereotype … Further on in the book you see Colin trying to blend in.
“And so, Colin Clark grows up British. Quietly. Respectably, and without causing embarrassment. NO super flying. No super speed. No X-Ray vision, no super dancing (he’s stepping on a girls foot whilst tying to dance at school).


The Monty Python humor shines through when poor Colin uses a bit too much enthusiasm at a cricket match and impales a schoolmate with a cricket bat. You have names like Mr. Whyte-Badger and places such as Weston Super-Mare featured in this book. It’s funny, it’s irreverent and a great sampling of British humor.

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7 thoughts on “British Isles Friday: Superman, True Brit

  1. That sounds really funny! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it; good find, Tina! Wouldn’t you love to see it on film as well?


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