The Never-Open Desert Diner

Never-Open-Desert Diner3The description for this book sounded quirky and I was on board to read something about the lonely desert with some mystery. There are people living on this isolated stretch of highway with secrets. Some are hiding out from the law and some just want to left alone. Our main character is Ben Jones, a trucker who takes this route often…he stops and sees a naked woman playing a cello. But the cello doesn’t have strings. He starts a relationship with the woman and while the story line kept moving along at a decent clip, I just got plain bored with it.

To say I would read more by this author sounds odd after losing interest a quarter of the way through but his descriptive prose is fabulous. You can visualize the scenes and scents, he is a very graphic writer. This book just wasn’t my cuppa tea.

I received this from the Blogging for Books Program.  All opinions are mine 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Never-Open Desert Diner

  1. I haven’t gotten involved with Blogging for Books, but book synopses are misleading, so you don’t get what you expect to get, so it’s good to get your opinion! It makes sense to me that this one might not be right for you but another one by the same author might!


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