James Herriot’s Yorkshire

yorkshire If you are a fan of BBC or Masterpiece Theater you may have watched a season or two of All Creatures Great and Small.

The wholesome G-rated shows were inspired by James Herriot’s books. I have read all of his books and enjoyed each and every one. He brought the story to life and I could clearly picture the scenes in Yorkshire as he dealt with his patients – cows, sheep, bulls, dogs and you name it.

We actually named our son Tristan after Tristan Farnon from the books. Yeah……we are big fans!

This book – James Herriot’s Yorkshire – is also written by James Herriot (his real name is James Alfred Wight) and it is a wonderful compilation of photos and stories about the Yorkshire dales. The town of Darrowby in his fictional works is actually Thirsk. That is where he practiced veterinary medicine along with Sigried and Tristan Farnon (Donald and Brian Sinclair). Herriot may be surprised that his books are still so popular today as well as the number of visitors he attracted to the area.


This book is copyrighted 1979 and is one of the original printings purchased in England. I treasure this book. I’ve read that people who travel to Yorkshire with the specific intent of visiting the area Herriot lived bring this book along and it’s an invaluable asset. If you like rural areas and have a plan to hike about in Yorkshire, this book is for you. Flip through and enjoy stories and photos about small villages, ruins and history.


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9 thoughts on “James Herriot’s Yorkshire

  1. I read James Herriot as a teenager, right after my mother finished each book. What a terrific book for planning a trip to Yorkshire!


  2. I read all of these growing up and loved them. Such a lovely life on the pages of those books. For a while it made me think I wanted to be a vet, until I realized I wasn’t that great at science.


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