Plated: Dinners, Feasts and Everything in between

plated Like so many cookbook reviews which tell about the kitchen basics, the chapters devoted to weeknight dinners, feasts, food good for leftovers and the usual advice for stocking the pantry – this cookbook has all that.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a pedestrian, so-so book laid out like so many others. This is an extraordinary cookbook, beautifully photographed with easy to follow recipes. There are numerous recipes I would like to try but I started with one for salmon.


I was not disappointed. I made a few of my own modifications but the basics of this recipe will be used again and again.  This first time I served it with garlic parmesan peas and pearled couscous.


The back of this book has a nice charted seasonal produce guide as well as a section devoted to Produce Techniques.  This means if you never handled a rutabaga or cooked Fiddlehead Ferns, a detailed description of the produce at hand, and how to cut it or prepare it, is provided.

This is also available as an eBook but honestly, I would rather have this book cover and tote it around, look at the lovely photos.

I received this boom from the Blogging for Books program and have enjoyed it from the day I opened the package. All opinions are my own and I received this book free of charge.


5 thoughts on “Plated: Dinners, Feasts and Everything in between

  1. Hmm…I didn’t see this one as a request option. I am trying to branch out a bit more with my BfB requests. I just requested Questlove’s new foodie book.


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