Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

strangeEach time I read a DCI Banks novel I think I will jump right to the next one. I love this guy! But then I realize I will be caught up and have to wait for the next publication so I am slowly savoring each novel, reading something else in between these books. It’s great that Peter Robinson writes these novels in real time. When I started with Gallows View (Book #1) Alan Banks had just moved to Yorkshire, his children were in school, he was in a happy marriage and his career was on the right path.

I just finished Strange Affair (Book #15) and so much has changed. Banks is, naturally, older and has had some boost in rank. His kids are grown and one is in college. It’s been nice reading along watching the progressions.

Strange Affair starts off with a woman driving away from London, obviously frightened for her life as she expresses she will be safe in just a few hours. Before you get too many pages into the book she is found dead, still in her vehicle, with a single gunshot wound to her head. Her purse and cell phone are missing but in her back pocket is a hastily written note with Alan Banks’ name and address.

Banks can’t be located because he has driven off to London in search of his brother Roy. A day earlier Roy called Banks and left a voice message that he was in danger and he needed help. When big brother Alan couldn’t reach Roy he decided to drive to London. He didn’t tell anyone about Roy’s call and he didn’t call in to the police station to let them know he’d be gone. With the discovery of a dead woman who was headed toward Banks’ Yorkshire address and him now missing, the Eastvale police have him as an unofficial suspect.

Most of this story line takes place in London. We alternate between Banks looking for his brother and DI Annie Cabbot looking into the murder of the young woman. Not too far into the book you see they are connected, both the murder and Roy’s disappearance. You also see a more reflective side of Alan Banks as he’s working though his depression over a house fire (Book # 14) and him getting to know more about his brother.

There are 22 DCI Banks books currently published. I will be on to #16 soon and once I catch up, I will one of the eager fans waiting for the next publication.

For my representative meal I made a chicken, sausage, potato and tomato bake.  Wine was the choice of drink as DCI Banks is off his whiskey for a while.

Recipe may be found at Squirrel Head Manor…. HERE.


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19 thoughts on “Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

  1. Love your representative meal. I haven’t read a Banks novel in a really long time. I’m probably on book 5 but I may just skip ahead and imagine what happened in between. (don’t cringe)


    • Nooooooo, you have to at least read a synopsis of what Banks has been up to! There are lots of changes in his life, some personal and some life threatening so please go to a wiki page and read those updates. I know, I am a Banks crazy follower ☺️


  2. A friend recommended Inspector Banks to me, and I started a few weeks ago with “Innocent Graves” which is kind of in the middle of the series as you describe it. Food does play a role somewhat — I like your choice of meal.

    I’m also curious to see the TV episodes.

    best… mae at


    • Mae, the tv show doesn’t start with the beginning books but plops you down into book 14 so, if you plan to read this series, there will be spoilers with the tv show.
      Thanks about the meal! There is always food mentioned in these books.


  3. I have the TV series on my To Watch list. I think it’s on Hulu. This is definitely a book series I’m interested in reading. I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard of it before I saw you talking about it as it is definitely the type of book I enjoy. I need to go find a copy of the first book and then actually read it!


    • Katherine, the first one is called Gallows View. Since he started writing about 20 years ago the references can be dated, such as him using a Walkman and in later books he has a CD olayer, just as an example.
      The shows start around book 14 so beware of spoilers!


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