I read this book and liked it, or did I?

dark-matter-blake-crouchThis book grabbed me from the beginning.  It’s a mystery, it’s also Sci Fi, and it’s about choices we’d make if we could go back in time to change our life circumstances.  That being said, midway through the book I was losing momentum and thought about skimming it to see the outcome.

Why didn’t I stop reading, you may ask.  Well, there was another hook that grabbed my attention just about the time I thought this was going to get boring.  Plus, the explanations of the scientific processes and theories cannot be skipped.  You’ll come away scratching your head, how is that possible?  You probably will anyway even after you read it.

Jason Dessen is the main character(s) – he is a physics teacher, happily married to Daniela with a 15 year old son Charlie.  When he met Daniela he was the up and coming scientist who was on the breakthrough of the theory of alternate realities.  Multiverses.  Daniela was a talented artist about to embark on her art career. The book starts with the happily married couple making preparation for their Friday Family Night.  Obviously they stayed together and built a happy life and family.

But what if they didn’t.  What if Daniela had not gotten pregnant and they went their separate ways.  Imagine each path they may have taken.  In one Jason is the star scientist.  In another he moves away and takes a teaching job.  Daniela is the star artist with her own exhibition and a brilliant career. Daniela has her baby and makes her living as a graphic artist without Jason. So many different life lines.

The ending wasn’t great in my opinion but, as anyone who has read this novel would probably agree, how else could it end?  It seemed like a rush job by the end and didn’t have the care of the first ¾ of the book.  Yet, it kept me going to the end.  It’s hard to recommend this one because I did like it but it wasn’t over-the-moon fantastic.  It put me in mind of the writer Peter Clines if you are familiar with his books.

Overall I will give this a low B+

  • I received this book from the Blogging for Books program.  All opinions, nice and otherwise, are mine.

6 thoughts on “I read this book and liked it, or did I?

    • Jackie, I had not heard of Val McDermid but I am interested in checking that out. As soon as our library opens again. They are shut down because of the hurricane we had. Thanks for the suggestion!


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