The City of Mirrors – a Kick-Ass end to the Trilogy

Mirrors Ok, The Passage remains my favorite of the books but City of Mirrors came through like gang busters. If it’s been a while since you read the first two book in this trilogy you may want to reacquaint yourself again.

Many of our favorite characters from the previous books turn up here. When we met Peter in The Passage he was a young man but he’s a white haired 50 something fellow midway through this book.

Remember the monster like creature Zero? The father of The Twelve? You get his backstory when he was a man living an ordinary life. He was Timothy Fanning back hundreds of years ago; a man who lived in a neighborhood, who went to Harvard, an intelligent man who fell in love with Liz, a woman who was involved with his roommate. He was smart – as in wicked smart in the sciences, the sort of guy who could change the world with medical discoveries and be the Time man of the year.

Spoilers Below!!

Some people didn’t like Zero/Fanning’s back story as his role in the two previous books is that of villain, the father of the virals. In my opinion Fanning’s back story is one of hope and love. Now his roommate Jonas Lear turned the tables on him as he was completely obsessed with Liz and her illness. It becomes a driving force for Lear and it seems Liz isn’t his focus anymore, it’s the cure of what’s wrong with her. I honestly loved the monologue by Zero and enjoyed reading about the stages of his life, finding out how he became the monster instead of a man.

Amy is old as dirt even though she occupies the body of a 12 year old. An old, old woman who has the jedi power to make people sleep when she needs them to. I asked my husband if she ever became a woman, in a woman’s body, and he did ask if I wanted that spoiler. (Obviously he read it first) Her role to save the world was an interesting one, a hard path to take and while the ending wasn’t what I wanted, I don’t know how I thought it should end. But it did end about the only way it could.

Remember I said spoilers above? If you’ve continued to read……here comes another one and it’s big. Be warned.

My biggest complaint is what happened when Amy and Peter were captured in NYC. Zero ends up slitting Peter’s throat right I front of Amy. Why? Because that is the one thing that can hurt Amy. When you love someone, you get hurt. The person you love is what can hurt you the most in life, it guts you.

After a great fight between Amy and Zero, Amy finds Peter alive and does the unthinkable. She gives him some of her blood because she can’t bear to live without him. She loves him and that selfish choice to keep him alive, as a viral, is a terrible thing. It’s a mockery of the life he lived. He fought every day against the virals, from youth into old age, trying to eradicate them and make the world a safer place. What a horrific thing to turn him into the monster he abhorred.

I did like the stories about the survivors getting on Michael’s ship and how they formed a new society. Wish I could have known more about how the society evolved. There is so much to cover about the book so I’ll just say overall I liked it a A-

The writing is skilled and the story is very engaging.  I hope Justin Cronin sets out to tell another epic tale such as this one.  I would most certainly buy it.

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