British Isles Friday – the latest Tana French novel

If you have been following me for a while you will know I eagerly await the latest Tana French novel. I finally have it!

 photo tana_zpsnnqan3t5.jpg

I got on the list early at the library and remained #5 for ages. Once it was released I grabbed my copy. I am just over 120 pages into the book so, no review yet. Since it’s #BriFri at Joy’s Book Blog I thought I would participate and share my current infatuation.

So far the lead detective, Antoinette Conway, isn’t my favorite. She was a bit too abrasive for me in the last book, The Secret Place, and again, still not my favorite.

Why can’t we have Frank Mackey back?!  I love him.  Of course Frank’s character is in the Undercover Unit but he has made some appearance in the Dublin Murder Squad series.

Bottom line, Tana French is a great writer, so descriptive and takes you into the scene, into the homes and lets you be the observer.  I can tell this still won’t top out as my favorite Tana book but I’m not bored by this murder investigation either.

More on this book later.

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