Readers Workout – exercise update

This past week we were on vacation. Our plans to go to Cedar Key had been canceled as the damage from Hurricane Hermine hit them hard. No matter, we had a good time eating, drinking, reading and riding.

My goal to hit over 10,000 a day was sabotaged by a powerful allergy attack. Between the goldenrod and cut grass in our area I was hit hard. So those days I didn’t get much walking in.

On a positive note I did get quite a bit of walking in the other days. And best of all, even being on vacation, I weighed in and have lost 7 pounds. Yea!

The eating plan has been going well and with mostly vegetarian fare my husband and I are both seeing weight loss. This is the last week of October and the plan is to continue walking about 4 miles in the morning before work. I’ll set some good goals for November – can you believe it’s almost here?

How was your exercise week?

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6 thoughts on “Readers Workout – exercise update

  1. I learned from my allergist that most of us are allergic to ragweed, not goldenrod. They bloom at the same time and goldenrod is much more showy, so we tend to guess wrong. Our ragweed is about done, here, but I have problems with mold, too, and that won’t end until we get a couple of hard freezes.

    Great job on your new way of eating. That’s terrific that you could do so well on vacation!

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    • You are so correct, Joy, it’s the ragweed, driving me nuts! I think ours is about to get dormant and Afrin got me through the rough spots.
      Thanks for the encouragement, I am plugging along and dating well!


    • Thanks Carol – we try and keep up even though its darker these days, in the mornings. After the time change we may have to find a new route for walking away from the night critters still out. We have bears!


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