Readers Workout – Woo-Hoo, I’m losing weight :-)

I had a great week of exercise. maybe the best I’ve had in ages with 91,216 steps
and just over 37 miles of walking. At present I have lost 8 pounds (my husband has lost 12 pounds)and I am feeling better than ever.  We have walked every single morning and have been fortunate enough not to have been rained upon.


Some of it is dietary as I’ve been eating well and avoiding sweets. We have been eating good meals such as Black Bean, Zucchini and Mushroom Enchiladas  and Sweet Potato and Spinach Fritatta to name a few good recipes.

Well...let me say that I caved in on a Chick Filet milkshake and I was sorry later. It wasn’t the taste, it was all the dairy product and sugar that my body isn’t used to anymore. Hours later I felt bloated and a little yucky.  Was I sorry – yes and no. I deserve a treat but I will know in the future it better be a more natural treat.

Hopefully I will get back to blogging as I have enjoyed it in the past but got into a rut regarding the computer.  This helps me track my goals.

How was your exercise week?

Check out Readers’ Workout at Joy’s Book Blog!



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