The Last Town: Book 3 i the Wayward Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch

lasttown The Last Town is the wrap up of the Wayward Pines Trilogy. So….if you have not read Pines and Wayward then you’ll need to skip this book for now and get caught up. I can’t talk about this book without revealing major spoilers for the previous books. Warning: SPOILER ALERT Below!

Are you still reading?….I am about to talk about the plot so you’ve been warned.

The majority of residents in Wayward Pines will die, most horrifically, before the end of this book. The end of book 2 let us with a big cliff hanger. Sheriff Ethan Burke took a gamble and told the residents the truth. They were in suspended animation for over 1,800 years and all they knew about a previous life is gone. David Pilcher, a self-proclaimed god, turned off the electric fences leaving the residents at the mercy of the abbies. The Last Town picks up exactly where Wayward left off. It could have been a fatter book but the cliff hanger at the end of book 2 was great.

Everyone is scrabbling to escape the abbies, hide from them before being eviscerated as well as dealing with that bombshell Ethan dropped on them. Obviously not everyone escapes the slaughter and the frantic efforts to get into caves and hide have you on the edge of your seat.

Side story – There is mention of a man named Tobias who is outside the fence, sent years ago to explore what remains of the United States. He clings to the memory of a woman whom he loved devoutly and that’s what keeps him going. He discovers the fate of mankind and heads back to Wayward Pines with the news. He’s half starved, he’s filthy and was never expected to return. Basically a suicide mission that Pilcher sent him on. The woman he loves is Theresa Burke and when you discover who he is, well…..I’m not sure what I thought about his survival. Did I want him dead or did I want him to succeed? You’ll now when you read it why I was on the fence.

The end of this book was not what I expected but Crouch does leave it open to write a 4th book. He published this book in 2014 so maybe he’s moved on to other books but I would certainly read a 4th book. The last sentence is a cliff hanger!


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