All the Colors of Darkness by Peter Robinson

darkness All the Colors of Darkness

What can I say about this one? Obviously I love Alan Banks but this book was not up to par with the others in the series.

If it’s a police procedural I am usually absorbed with the action, the crime scene crew and resulting investigation. But this time Robinson brought a spy element into the story; MI-5 gets involved on the fringes of the investigation as one of their agents was murdered.

The story starts with boys playing in the woods where they find a body hanging from one of the trees. Here is where DI Annie Cabbot gets involved as she is assigned the investigation. The new superintendent orders Annie to call Banks back from his vacation time which Annie is clearly reluctant to do. DCI Banks has a new lady friend named Sophia, one who is considerably younger, and he is spending all his time in London with her.

Bottom line, it looks like a domestic quarrel where one partner bludgeoned the other and then hanged himself in grief.  Annie Cabbot hardly needed assistance with this case.
There are subplots to the main story and investigation and at times, it gets confusing.

I would say to give this one a pass if you are working through the series but I think there are personal developments with our main detective and you’d need the background when you move to the next book. I guess I’ll see of that’s true when I start the next book in the series.

This is #18 and I aim to catch up with the series before too many months in 2017 slip by.

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2 thoughts on “All the Colors of Darkness by Peter Robinson

    • I guess when you have a series with 22 books (so far) there is bound to be one that doesn’t grab you! I will see how the next books pan out. I still love DCI Banks.


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