Snowy Yorkshire brings Romance to a light Christmas story

yorkdhire This is a light Christmas story that can be read in under an hour.  I wanted to be transported to Yorkshire and Kate Hewitt came through with this romantic story. The stars are Claire Lindell and Noah Bradford.  She’s a New York City girl wanting to escape a bad love life and a disaster of a life situation.  She  heads to Ledstow England to spend Christmas alone at her godmother’s cottage.

While driving in a blinding snowstorm she skids off the road and becomes stuck in a snow bank.  Now she has to walk to the cottage and she is not wearing appropriate clothing.  Skinny jeans and fashion heeled boots.  Not the stuff you need in Yorkshire.

During this bitterly cold walk she overhears Noah Bradford talking to one of his sheep.  The sheep is stuck in mud and it’s about to freeze to death.  She asks if she can help.  Of course she does, and you know what will happen next.  She ends up at his cottage and is offered dry clothing.  Once Noah has divested himself of his wet coat and hat Claire realizes he is smokin’ hot!  Tall, handsome with gorgeous eyes and a ripped body.  All guys are like this in romances, right?

Claire is a needy girl to be sure.  Have you ever watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Remember the character Michelle who tells a guy she loves him in the first date and calls about 15 times in a day?  No, Claire doesn’t do those things but her character is needy like Michelle.  Insecure.

Noah is not in a relationship and closes himself off from the world.  Claire is trying to do the same but they hit it off and fall in love.  In 2 days. And plan a life together.

If you want a quick read with the Christmas theme and a setting in England them this book and setting is perfect for you. Incidentally, this is a wholesome romance without explicit language or scenes so, family friendly reading here.

To read more about the author, Kate Hewitt, click HERE.

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