My Readers Workout Report before Christmas #exercise

This past week I have walked more steps than ever. As far as I know, this step count of 101,564 is the best I’ve done. Despite that I picked up some weight but I need to make better choices.


For starters – I like wine and I like bourbon. I don’t drink it every night but honestly, it’s empty calories that are aren’t helping me get to my goal weight.

My best week for loss was coincidentally the week my husband had a stomach virus. I pretty much ate the same things – lots of soup and oatmeal. And no booze. I’m not overweight, I’m not fat, but I would like very much to get back to a size 8 or 10. Even after pregnancy I was able to get into my jeans again in a short amount of time.

That was many years ago and I know my 60 year old body has changed as has my metabolism.  Well….here comes the new year and resolutions will be made for improving myself.

Meal Planning

Swiss Linguine Tart

Pan Roasted Salmon with brown rice and broccoli

Gumbo (using shrimp instead of sausage or TVP)

Vegetable and Rice casserole

Shepherd’s Pie

How is your week of exercise going ?

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6 thoughts on “My Readers Workout Report before Christmas #exercise

  1. That’s a lot of steps! I want to start getting more steps in 2017. I hope to travel to England in the fall and I want to feel capable of walking 2 hours and standing 4 hours a day without total exhaustion setting in!

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    • I walk as much as I can, Joy. I’m fortunate that I work in an office building with a lower rotunda and so, I walk there unimpeded several times a day for a 5 minute period.
      Yes! England! I can’t wait to venture back there again.


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