32 Yolks – It ended too quickly!


This is a memoir  that will have a place on your shelve if you are a fan of Eric Ripert.   It was interesting to hear about his childhood and early life and his apprentice work under Robuchon.

What a sad and lonely life he had at the hands of an abusive father.  Food and cooking was an outlet, one that would eventually propel Ripert into chef celebrity status.  I liked hearing about the first tastes of certain foods such as caviar, the screw ups like burning a few dozen ducks and spilling drinks on customers (when he was a waiter) and his introduction into a professional kitchen.

The descriptions of Robuchon just make me think of a bully.  You can teach, you can inspire, but to rule by being a jackass using fear as your leverage makes me shake my head with disgust.

Unfortunately this memoir ends rather quickly and we don’t go along on Ripert’s journey as he comes into his own at the famous Le Bernardin in New York.  This isn’t a spoiler as a fan of Ripert knows the career path but 32 Yolks ends with him heading to the United States.  No more story.

Why is that, I wonder?  There is so much more to talk about now that he embarked on his career in New York!  Oh well, maybe he’s setting up a part two memoir and we will pick up there.

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  • I received this cookbook free of charge from the Blogging for Books program.  I was not compensated and all opinions are my own.

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