Readers Workout for January 10

Hello there, fellow bookworms and exercise partners!

Last week I walked 88,514 steps. This is according to my FitBit report. This week, so far, has been harder because of the cold weather. It’s much harder to walk with a heavy coat.

Despite me being in Florida I can assure you it’s not sunny all the time, nor do I have a sweet view of the ocean. This week brought us very cold temperatures of 27 F and ice in our field. So, the walking was harder but still….we both got out and did some.

I may have reached a plateau with weight loss.  Sadly, I never made my weight goal but I did manage to lose 12 pounds and I’m in a smaller pant size – yea!

Meal Planning

North African Couscous

Grilled Fish, potatoes and veggies

Homemade Vegetable Soup and bread


Pizza from Oscar’s Restaurant in Havana (Roma tomatoes, mushroom and spinach)

How did you do this week?

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9 thoughts on “Readers Workout for January 10

  1. That’s a lot of steps!

    Changes in weather impact my exercise. I can walk in the cold and the heat, but it takes a while to adjust to either.


  2. Good for you! You’ve inspired me to get off the computer and go to the gym this morning! Over the holidays, I put on a few pounds and had to get out the pants that had really been too big to wear for a while, so I’m getting serious about the diet again to try to get back to where I was by Valentine’s Day!

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