Readers Workout

Good morning to my fellow bookworms and workout partners! It’s a lovely 47 F here in North Florida and the walking has been good….but not great. We had very bad storms run through here over the past several days which meant walking outside was straight out.

This weekend was a bust for outside activities and we even had a very scary moment on I-10 headed home from Crestview. The rain was coming down so fast and hard that we hydroplaned over several lanes and slid sideways into the median. It was very muddy and once the vehicle started sliding, the mud built up a wall on the driver’s side tires, thus keeping us from rolling. Very scary!


I’m pleased our Subaru has all wheel drive (they all do). We were fortunate and able to get out of the median but that mud washing over the Forester once it came to a stop was like something out of a movie.

So………..the storms….that’s why we didn’t walk on the weekend.  But the rest of the week wasn’t too bad.  I had an average of 12,000 steps a day overall.  My weight went up a bit due to indulgences like apple pie, Mexican restaurant food and some pizza.

Yeah, I know better and it wasn’t a stellar week for eating but I am back on track now.

This past week’s menu:

Swiss Linguine Tart

Pizza from Oscar’s Restaurant in Havana (Roma tomatoes, mushroom and spinach)

Vegetarian platter at La Rumba restaurant in Crestview (very good!)

Grilled grouper, baby red potatoes and sauteed veggies (zucchini, garlic, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes)

Fall River Vegetable Soup

How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “Readers Workout

  1. That’s very scary but so glad you’re okay! We’ve had some rain and light storms but nothing bad. Emma’s at Auburn and has been having a rougher time of it with a lot of tornado warnings and heavy storms but luckily nothing too awful I think you’re entitled to an indulgence now and then and it sounds like you’re doing great with your steps.


    • Thanks, Katherine. I realize we need to keep moving and staying in the best shape we can as we age. Good food and exercise! And yes, that was a terrifying moment being out if control in the car. My husband handled it well.


  2. What a scary story! I’m glad you’re okay. I love all-wheel-drive, but I’ve learned it doesn’t work on ice so we just stay home on those days. I hope you have some nice days for walks this week!

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    • I didn’t think about all wheel drive not working on ice. It’s been years since I lived where it snowed or had icy roads! You be careful, Joy, and I hope you also had some good exercise this past week.


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