A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Be prepared to shed a tear….

oveOve.  People call him “the bitter neighbor from hell.” A curmudgeon.  Easy to dismiss such a person unless you give a thought that every unpleasant person has a story, one that probably shaped their personality.

I have to admit the beginning of this book had me on the fence as to whether I would finish it.  A DNF in my list of books.  I don’t like to read about such a negative person but then more was revealed about Ove.  By the time I finished I had tears in my eyes.  Yes, this book made me cry.

Ove loved his wife very much.  They were certainly very different people, he being the more reserved and (I hate to use the word ) negative. Sonja was light hearted, more compassionate.  They were a perfect match.

“People said Ove saw the world in black and white.  But she was color. All the color he had.”

What would happen to you if the “color of your world” was gone?  It’s not a spoiler, you find out in a few paragraphs or very short chapters, such as they are.  More is revealed about Ove’s life, his early years with his parents and after he met his wife.  You learn about his moral character, his honesty and how his father shaped the man Ove would become.

The people in his neighborhood play significant parts and I enjoyed reading about each interaction.    If you think about abandoning this book (for the same reasons I almost did) – don’t.  I will wager you will shed a tear by the end.  Wonderful story.

It’s recently caught my attention that a movie is being made from this book.  I don’t know if the movie can capture this story properly but I will certainly check it out once it’s in theaters.

A man called Ove / En man som heter Ove – Trailer from Orange Valley Production on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Be prepared to shed a tear….

  1. I started this book a few times and kept putting it away. I finally decided to give it another try and am glad that I did. It was a wonderful book and will definitely be on my top three favorites of 2017 list.

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  2. I do want to read this and I wanted to see it. It’s already come and gone to our independent movie house. Waiting for NetFlix…… Hope you post a movie review if you see it!

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    • I like reading a book before seeing the movie although I did see Jurassic Park first and then read the book. It was quite different! Debra, if you can get through Ove’s negative opening chapters you will be rewarded. Well I hope so, I felt that way and nearly skipped it.

      Definitely doing a movie review!


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