Lonely Planet bring us a Film and TV Locations book

Our local library recently acquired this book and on a whim I checked it out.  What a cool book! It gives the locations of more than 100 movies or TV shows.  Did you ever wonder where King’s Landing in Westeros, from Game of Thrones was filmed?  It’s in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Martian, one of my favorite movies and books, was filmed in Jordan on the red sands.  Don’t you think of red sand and Mars?  Perfect.  The Kellig Islands in Ireland are seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  So many perfect fantasy settings are actual places and it’s fun to browse through this book.  It also gave me ideas for movies I want to see coming up.

This book is from Lonely Planet.


13 thoughts on “Lonely Planet bring us a Film and TV Locations book

  1. I’m shallow enough to love stuff like this! Sounds fascinating! I see a page on ‘The Third Man’ – excellent movie. One of the interesting aspects to the ‘extras’ on DVDs is to find out how some locations were chosen. In fact, though I mention it on ABAB when it arises, I’m gathering data on specific places in Britain to do some kind of feature. Of course, it’ will have been done before – but never in such style… 🙂

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    • If you are doing it I am certain it will be stylish! The Third Man was good, I think I will get it from the library again. Books like this always generate new ideas for me to read a particular book or try a new movie.


  2. This sounds fun! I always love seeing where things are filmed and it’s always a little bizarre when a show or movie is supposed to take place in an area that you’re familiar with but it clearly wasn’t filmed there. There was a Criminal Minds that was supposed to take place where I lived and they had palm trees in the parking lot in one scene. I’m in the south but not that far south! We watched The Martian recently and really enjoyed it. The rocket that they use in the end sequence is actually a Delta IV Heavy and J was a primary engineer on that project so we thought that was really cool.

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    • That is so cool about the Martian and the rocket your husband worked on! Books like this one have me wanting to check out some of the movies I had not heard of.


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