Cork Dork – entertaining and informative. I’ll toast to that!


Do you like wine?  I like wine.  Do like a well researched book with an engaging writing style, entertaining stories plus a hearty dose of clear and informative information?   I found this book to be all of those things….but again, I like wine so I was interested in this journey.

Bianca Bosker introduces herself:

“I am a journalist by training and a type-A neurotic by birth, so I started my research the only way I knew how: I read everything I could get my hands on, carpet-bombed sommeliers’ in-boxes, and showed up at places uninvited, just to see who I would meet.”

I liked this woman immediately.  Type-A style is fascinating to me as I am such a laid-back type-B that I would never, ever dream of tackling anything with this sort of drive and passion.  It’s over-drive!  She never quits.  Impressive.

Quote from the first chapter:

“When you inform your friends and relatives that you have left your stable job as a journalist to stay home and taste wines, you will begin to get concerned phone calls. You say: I’m going to hone my senses and find out what the big deal is about wine. They hear: I’m quitting my job to drink all day and improve my chances of ending up homeless.”

As you move through the book you are taking this journey with Bianca Bosker.  Please remain seated……….The details and dedication of becoming a sommelier is daunting.  It’s their job to help select a wine appropriate for the meal and the guests’ tastes all the while  making money for the restaurant.  The markup is very significant when it comes to wine and beverages.

But the tasting sessions they live for, the money they spend, the endurance and tolerance for so. much. wine.……it’s a journey.    It’s a journey I personally would not be up for with the expense and my non-discriminating palate, never  mind being kind to my liver.   I buy wine because I like having it with dinner.

As mentioned in the book, “Marketing will get you to buy a wine once.  Sensory will get you to buy it twice.”   Take a look at the bottles I have posed with the book – these are not high priced wines, the most expensive one being $22 which I wanted to try. Sometimes I try a wine based on a review or because I am intrigued by the label (marketing) but I will buy it over and over again for the taste and pleasure (sensory).

chablis This Chablis was a new one for us and we very much enjoyed it.  If you like the mineral taste in a wine, a Chablis is a good pick.  We had this with grilled Tile Fish and when the last of the bread and cheese was finished, I was sad the wine was also gone.

tile fish

With no common sense we promptly opened a bottle of Chardonnay.  I’m pleased to say we only had a small glass and saved the rest. 🙂 The Chablis was the better of the two wines and we would certainly buy it again.

This book is recommended as it reads as a memoir but provides investigative reporting, funny antidotes and overall information on the wine and tastings.  If any of this appeals to you, you will enjoy this book.  I couldn’t put it down.

I first heard about this book through Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness and Beth Fish Reads.  Thank you, ladies 🙂

Linking up to  Girlxoxo for the June Destination theme, the June Foodies Read at Based on a True Story and Beth Fish Reads for her Weekend Cooking Series.

22 thoughts on “Cork Dork – entertaining and informative. I’ll toast to that!

  1. Awesome review! And I really loved the book too. It made me think a lot about what we were drinking. Plus, she’s super nice and even tweeted to thank me for the review. 🙂

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  2. I just finished this one last week and really enjoyed it. Entertaining and informative whether you know much about wine or not. I checked out the e-book from the library but will likely buy it and add it to my foodie books. 😉

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  3. I really enjoyed this book too! I loved that it was like a journey with the author and that we got to learn along with her as she told us about her experiences. It often makes me enjoy a nonfiction book even more when the author incorporates their research experience into the story they tell 🙂

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