Mid-year book freakout from Girlxoxo

I saw this at Girlxoxo and wanted to share.  Tanya and Kim shared their thoughts and ratings for books out in 2017.  Check out their findings HERE – my thoughts on the categories are as follows:

1. Best Book You’ve Read So Far

Stir: My Broken Brain and The Meals that Brought Me Home by Jessica Fechtor.
The constant love and support from her family will blow you away.  Her husband, her parents and friends – complete and total support.  I loved the stories about them as well as reading Jess’ thoughts.  It’s an inspirational book, it’s a love story, it’s a foodie book with a slice of life.

2. Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far

The Daughters of Ireland by Santa Montefiore  picks up where The Girl in the Castle left off.  The setting is Ireland, it’s a family saga and I was hooked.  Can’t wait for the last installment.

3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To

When The English Fall by David Williams appeals for the apocalyptic theme as well as the setting.  I am a Pennsylvanian, exiled in Florida, but I still enjoy a setting in Pennsylvania.  Fiction or not.  I hope this is good as I have been anticipating it for a while.


4. Most Anticipated Release For Second Half of 2017

Sleeping in the Ground by Peter Robinson.    This is #24 in the DCI Banks series.  Robinson is one of my favorite authors along with Tana French.  I will drop whatever book I am reading if either author publishes a new book.


5. Biggest Disappointment

The Whole Thing Together by Anne Brashares
There were far too many characters. The family tree involves multiple marriages and children and step parents and step siblings….see, that’s confusing.  I like family sagas but this was not engaging at all.

6. Biggest Surprise

Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker.  As you move through the book you are taking this journey with Bianca Bosker.  Please remain seated……….The details and dedication of becoming a sommelier is daunting.  You learn so much about wines, terrior and it’s written in such an entertaining memoir type style, I was totally engaged. This type non-fiction can be very dry reading but it was wonderful.


7. Most Beautiful Book Cover So Far This Year

I was torn on a few so I will vote for The Moth and Forbidden Garden.


8. Best Audiobook Narration

I have not listened to any audio books this year 😦

9. Shortest Book

Film and TV Locations by Lonely Planet was a small book but packed with cool information. It gave me ideas for movies I want to check out as well as locales for some of my favorite movies.  Very informative and fun book overall.

10. Biggest Book

11/22/63 by Stephen King was a big fat 849 pages!  That was a hardcover version and I was a little sorry I had not bought it through Kindle.


Have you read any of the books I highlighted?  Check out Tanya and Kim at Girlxoxo and see about their picks.


14 thoughts on “Mid-year book freakout from Girlxoxo

    • Thanks, Kim. I have enjoyed the book challenge from your site too. Also, I am a fan of Tana French as well and the one that disappointed me was The Secret Place. Can’t wait for her next book.


  1. I’m bookmarking this one because it’s definitely a tag I want to try! I loved Stir and it’s one that really stuck with me. It’s one I really need to reread because I was so caught up in what was happening with her I didn’t take the time to appreciate the food elements. The Forbidden Garden is on my TBR just because of that cover and the title! I got Daughters of Ireland in the mail just before I left last week and can’t wait to read it! It’s gorgeous.

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