When The English Fall by David Williams

englishfall I was looking forward to this book with it’s apocalyptic theme.  A solar storm / EMP causes a collapse of society as we know it.  Survivalists would be able to hunker down and survive a good long time but face it, most of us would starve or die from lack of necessary medication and sanitation issues if something like this happened.

This book tells a story of how the English (non-Amish folk) reacted and how they eventually prey on the Amish community.  Amish know how to grow food, store food and rely on the natural elements.  When things get desperate people from cities invade the nearby farms.

The story is laid out in diary fashion.  Jacob writes in his diary everyday and though his writings you get to know his family and way of life.  As society disintegrates, at what point do you ditch your values and take up arms to defend your family against looters?  In this slow plodding story of only 242 pages I was glad to be done with it.  Truth be told, I started skimming through the last few entries I was so bored.  The end was a disappointment.

Reviews are mostly 5 star and I am in the minority here so…..take that for what it’s worth.





6 thoughts on “When The English Fall by David Williams

  1. The apocalyptic theme often intrigues. I had no idea that non-Amish folk were called ‘English’ in the States. I bet those of non-English extraction love that! Shame the book didn’t shape up; I often get initially enthused about something I’m reading, only to find that the author seems to get bored half-way through, or couldn’t be bothered to think of a decent ending.

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    • Mike, as far as I know it’s only the Amish that refer to the surrounding neighbors as English. That may be from a long time ago as well. I grew up near Amish and we took many trips to the farms for produce, eggs and goat milk, that’s just outside Philadelphia but there are many Amaish communities in other states.
      I agree, it’s such a shame when it get up for a book only to disappoint, maybe my next one will be a winner!


    • As much as you like to read th I would suggest skipping it. Too many books and too little time to read! Especially if apocalyptic lit isn’t your thing.


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