Waiting on Wednesday by Nicci French

waiting Waiting on Wednesday is book 3 in the Frieda Klein series. There were quite a few things that weren’t believable and yes, you do need to suspend disbelief when you are reading a novel but….Frieda is coming off as unbalanced in this book. She did suffer horrific attack and injuries in the previous book so I can somewhat sympathize with some of the actions she takes.
The story starts off with the murder of Ruth Lennox. Ruth is a wife and mother of three and by all outward appearances, she’s perfect. I’m not talking about the physical attributes, rather her very organized life, devoted to her family and no little secrets.

Except yes! She has a big fat secret and once revealed, the plot takes off in multiple directions. Two of her children will figure prominently, opening up to other subplots.

One of the things that bothered me was the side story about a missing girl. It had zero to do with the Lennox murder or investigation. An offhand story relayed to Frieda had her tracking the girl named Lila, all on her own. Now introduce a newspaper reporter who had been trying to find a link between several missing young women and he and Frieda combine forces, sharing information. So, no link to the Lennox murder but a huge story on its own.

It weaves together at the end. I want to discuss some things that weren’t resolved but it will spoil the book for any who plan to read it. Goodreads has a feature to hide spoilers so I will discuss there when I post my review. I’m hoping the DCI Malcolm Kaarlson’s story will develop more as well as his detective Yvette Long. Would love to know their backstory and where they are heading.

For the record, Hal Bradshaw, the psychologist working with the police, is unbearably smug and it wouldn’t hurt me to see him written out. Hopefully with shame and discredit somehow. Frieda’s nice Chloe can be a distraction but I see we need that sometimes, so you can see Frieda’s caring side. Notice I didn’t say warm side. Ha!
I like Josef very much and also the gruff DCI Kaarlson.

Hoping this is a miniseries one day.  Who would you want as Frieda Klein, for anyone who has read this series?  Maybe Anne Hathaway for her dark features or Nazanin Boniadi, a Persian-British actress.

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6 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday by Nicci French

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve never read Nikki French. One day maybe, especially as I do love a good British mystery. Right now my reading is mostly limited to women’s fiction especially when it’s bound for the screen. That being said, let me know if this one does get an adaptation. I like your casting ideas for the protagonist, simply because I like both actors—even though I just read Boniadi’s bio and learned she went to my rival college USC! (I’m a UCLA Bruin, fyi)

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    • Sim, I like the books but they aren’t as great as Tana French novels. Still, a good mystery in London suits me well.
      I’m unfamiliar with the rivalry of the colleges but we have that here with FSU and Florida. Big rivalries!


  2. I love watching Anne Hathaway in anything, but a British actress might be a better choice. Nazanin Boniadi has a good look for this. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the shows that she’s acted in.

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  3. I’ve only read one of the later ones but I’ve been wanting to go back and start at the beginning as I really enjoyed the one I read but could feel that I was missing quite a lot. The missing girl story sounds interesting though a bit of a strange addition. Maybe she really loved it but didn’t have enough for a whole book? This would be a great miniseries! I would Bonaidi for the role. I think she could look very severe if needed but also gorgeous if needed!


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