Ireland the Best by John McKenna and Sally McKenna


Ireland the Best by John McKenna and Sally McKenna

What a wonderfully comprehensive guide for touring Ireland! Having traveled there for two vacations I can say that this is THE guide to take along if you are planning a trip.  I’ve used other guides in the past but this one will have a place on my travels next time.

If it’s a particular county you are looking for you can easily click on to that section of the book. This will be fabulous for planning a trip in the future as well as a handy reference guide while traveling.  Plus it’s on my Kindle so that makes it super easy to tuck into a purse.

One of the sections I am interested in is the prehistoric sites such as Newgrange and the many dolmens. I have been to Newgrange once and it was magnificent. Also the Hill of Tara, but how can you go wrong if you are interested in passage tombs?
There are sections devoted to gardens, literary places, graveyards, castles, abbey and cathedrals and much more. The Strolls, Walks and Hikes section is a must-read if you are heading to Ireland as there are so many beautiful places to hike.

It’s mentioned how the food has improved over the years and I can say that the tired old stereotype about food in Ireland and England is incorrect. We have had some wonderful meals with fresh produce, seafood and fruit that was a real treat.

The index is very detailed and well laid out so you can search out a particular subject easily. Here is a photo of one of the pages, may be hard to read but it’s a good example.


This book was published in March 2018. Check it out at Netgalley and kindly request a copy for your Kindle or other reading device. I can say, this will remain on my Kindle for future travels.

Much thanks to Netgalley giving me access to this to this advanced reader’s copy.

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8 thoughts on “Ireland the Best by John McKenna and Sally McKenna

    • London would be fun! The first time we visited Ireland Tristan was only 9 and he enjoyed it but had forgotten so much later on. That’s what he wanted for his graduation/birthday gift – a family trip to Ireland!


  1. What a great idea to use an e-book version of a travel guide. Especially one that’s put together well with live links.

    We loved the food in Ireland. The island is small enough that “eat local” is a patriotic act. The dairy and fresh produce was so good.


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