Buzz Books 2018 Fall/Winter

buzz3What a fabulous book! It not only gives the authors’ names and titles, it states date of publication so you can plan on grabbing your favorites when they are published. Even better are the excerpts from books included in this preview type book.

I have read most of the excerpts thus introducing me to new authors. There is fiction, non-fiction, debut authors and I have already noted several books I plan to get. Why didn’t I know about Buzz Books before?!

Invaluable for the avid reader and will serve as a good reference for upcoming publications with my favorite authors.

Some of the books I have already noted for the to-read list are:

Lies by T.M. Logan. It sounds intriguing. “What if your whole life was based on lies…..” Perfect life, perfect wife then in one shattering moment you discover nothing is as it seems. The excerpt had me reeled in immediately.

Freefall by Jessica Barry is another one that had me completely absorbed. I wish the excerpt was longer, I may have to buy it immediately. This one involves a plane crash and how our main character will try and survive. It starts off fast paced and I can’t wait to get it.

The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg will be a sad tale. An old women of 96 years will recount her life using her treasured red address book. It was a gift from her father and holds her contacts and stories from her life. Now she will document her life for her great niece Jenny. I think this one will be very good. Since I was a surprise baby for my parents I grew up around much older people. I’ve always loved listening to ancient relatives tell about their lives. That’s how I ended up researching family history because they had such interesting stories to tell; they lived in times I only read about. Elderly people are too often dismissed in my opinion but they have wonderful stories and memories.

Well, I went on a tangent on that one, didn’t I? 

The Boy at the Keyhole by Stephen Giles sounds like a Rebecca type novel. Nine-year old Samuel lives alone at a once great estate in Surrey with his family’s housekeeper, Ruth. His father is dead and his mother has been abroad for five months, purportedly tending to her late husband’s faltering business. Samuel only receives postcards from her and maps put her travels in an atlas, but he clearly wants her to come home. From the excerpt I can’t decide if Ruth is good or not. Looks like a good mystery.

There are many more books that piqued my interest but that was a quick highlight. In the future I will most certainly look for a copy of Buzz Books so I can plan my reading.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a complimentary copy. My enthusiastic opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.


4 thoughts on “Buzz Books 2018 Fall/Winter

  1. The Boy at the Keyhole certainly sounds intriguing! I also like the sound of The Red Address book. It is a fascinating idea to think of the old style address books as a historical reference. I remember my grandmother’s which she just kept for years adding new contacts and never removing the old. Very different from today’s digital versions. I also remember the birthday record books, I wonder if people even remember them anymore. They were often sold with matching “leather” covers to address books. As a child I had a green one, I moved so many times I don’t really know what happened to it.

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    • I still have my mother’s address book with the addresses and birthdays recorded. All of the people listed are dead now but I can’t throw this away, it holds such memories and is a genealogy of sorts. All the relatives and new addresses over the years. I am anxious to read this one.


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