The beginning of Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly

stoneI just started this book so this isn’t the review.  It has me hooked so far.

The blindfold hurts. His inexperience shows in the knot.  It’s tight but crude and has captured a hank of my hair.  Every time he takes a corner too fast I rock to the side, the seat belt slicing my shoulder and the needlepoint pain in my scalp intensifying. 

He brakes without warning: I’m thrown forward.  A loosening of the purple silk near my right temple lets in a little light but no information.”

I’m into chapter 7 now and this book has already taken an interesting turn from how I thought it was headed.  Would you keep reading?  I am! Review later on as this one is going to the beach with me this weekend.

I’m linking with the First Chapter/First Paragraph/Tuesday Intro is hosted by Vicki at I’d Rather Be At The Beach. also with Joy for her British Isle Friday series as Erin Kelly is an English novelist.

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