Disaster’s Children by Emma Sloley


The draw of this book was the apocalyptic theme, doomsday preppers and how a society could function outside the traditional norm.  You are drawn into the small society and gradually realize they just aren’t likable.

The group is made up of professionals such as doctors, journalists and architects – also those with farming knowledge and apparently many of those from a wealthy station in life.  The isolated life these people lead could be described as a gated community (think very large scale) where you must apply for membership.  They drink wine and eat Brie as they meet on various subjects.

There is a journalist who reports news to them as he goes on the Internet; all others aren’t restricted from web surfing but they just don’t indulge. Marlo is a central character – a 25 year-old who has been sheltered from life.  You just can’t warm to anyone in the story and honestly, I almost bailed on the book.  Once a new character was brought in (he applied, was turned down and then showed up) it gets a tad more interesting.  Overall, this didn’t engage me enough to seek out more of the author’s work.

More on the author Emma Sloley Here.

This book is my sixth book for the Aussie Author Challenge.

This book was published November 5, 2019.
Much thanks to Netgalley for the complimentary copy of this book.

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