Sea Fare by Victoria Allman


Quite a long time ago I read Victoria Allman’s book SEAsoned and enjoyed it very much. This is her second book and it’s packed with more sailing and cooking stories as well as recipes.

Honestly, these stories should have been in her first book as she explains where she received culinary training,  the various kitchens she has worked in, what she’s learned on the fly and how she was hired as a yacht chef, her first sailing chef position.  The interview, if you could call it that, was amazing.

Besides sailing to various exotic ports  you’ll read about her fishing experiences, how she met her husband (you’ll read about these two in her first book), a story about fire on ship (Yikes!) and get a general snapshot of this out-of-the-ordinary profession and the challenges and freedom that come with it.

Lots of seafood recipes but there was one for a white chocolate and cranberry cookie that sounded pretty good.  Instead I opted for cranberry muffins with vanilla.


As this book was kindly passed on to me by Eliot’s Eats I am going to do the same. I have renewed my account with Book Crossing. If you don’t know about this bookish site you may check it out Here. It’s a method to leave a book somewhere or pass it on with a code that allows people to track where the book travels and where it ends up.  I’m about to “release it into the wild” and will report on where it ends up.  Hoping whoever finds it will log it at the website.

Sea Fare is my first book for the nonfiction challenge hosted by ShelleyRae at Book’d Out
Category is Occupation.


6 thoughts on “Sea Fare by Victoria Allman

    • If I’d known before I released it “into the wild” I would have mailed it to you! Doug has a surgical follow up appointment so I dropped it in a hospital waiting room.

      There are good recipes in this book


  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of Allman, but I too like the sound of these books. I also have always liked the Book Crossing thing, though I’ve never participated.

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  2. Your way of circulating a book is neat. My neighbor just across the street has a Little Free Library, which has the same effect, except that it’s anonymous. I’ve found some good books there and at another LFL a few blocks away.

    best… mae at

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