Many Rivers To Cross by Peter Robinson #shrug


I have enjoyed my journey with the real time aging of DCI Alan Banks and was eager to pick up book #26. Alas, this one was lackluster.

By page eight he had already trashed Donald Trump and Brexit. Politics do not have a place in this series and frankly, it was a huge turn off. I felt like I was being lectured.

This is a British author who lives in Canada.  While he may have a strong opinion on Brexit, or the U.S.president, Mr. Robinson doesn’t reside in England or the U.S.A. so he should shut his pie hole and write the mystery!

We start with the murder of a Middle Eastern young man and boy oh boy, the lecture/judgement starts again.  Clearly the readers are told how narrow minded most of are. The book description states there would be some racial tension and that here is.

Also, a character named Zelda returned in this book and we hear about her experiences when she was a victim of sex trafficking. It doesn’t fit in with the investigations and reminded me of those movies where you have that gratuitous sex scene, one that doesn’t belong or fits in with the overall plot.  You blink and think, why is this in here?

What I did like: The police procedural genre. Also still loving detectives Annie Cabbot and Winsome Jackman as well as Eastvale’s CSI team.

It’s been fun reading  about his children’s updates as they were so young in the beginning of the series. They are in their late 30’s now and it’s a nice “slice of life “ but I noticed Banks’ age isn’t mentioned. I wrote the author over a year ago voicing concern about Alan Banks aging in real time.

His aging will slow down. Still, if you’ve been reading the books in order and remember when his children were adolescents you’ll be able to do the math. By the way, hardly any time is spent on his grown children (Brian & Tracy) but if you’ve read from the beginning you watch them grow emotionally and professionally.

Overall, and I didn’t think I’d ever feel this way, Alan Banks should wrap up his career and ride off into the sunset. The last book had too much sex trafficking mentioned & had lots of “filler”  about his musical taste. More on that HERE.

This was my second disappointing book in a row and I may not continue. One, two, three strikes you’re out. If the next book is similar I’m done with the series. Mr. Robinson, you will have to write a cracking good story to keep your fans after these last two books.

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7 thoughts on “Many Rivers To Cross by Peter Robinson #shrug

  1. I know what you mean. I haven’t got to that stage with Peter Robinson as I am way behind. But that happened to me reading Beverly Connor’s Diane Fallon books the character became stale I so enjoyed her early ones but by 8th/9th I was rolling my eyes and feeling it had got to the point where I was finding the plots unbelievable and I wasn’t enjoying them enough to let her get a pass for me to continue. So retired them.

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    • I hadn’t heard of the Diane Fallon books, but I’ll check those out as you mentioned there are at least 9 in the series. I love a series so was disappointed when Robinson “called in the performance” so to speak.

      I liked the previous books though.

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  2. I haven’t read this yet…..and may now not do so. I totally agree that politics don’t have a place in novels unless, of course, it forms an integral part of the plot. Great review. I am currently listening to Seven Years, one of his bibliomysteries, which I hadn’t come across previously, and enjoying it.

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    • Sandy, I’m glad you are enjoying Seven Years and I’ll look into that one as well as the mysteries above. I was awfully underwhelmed by Robinson’s last book but after 26 books I hope the next will be a step up!


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