Peter Brook: Landscape Painter

Peter Brook was a landscape painter focusing his art on the Pennines in Yorkshire. The stark beauty of the Yorkshire landscape is captured in his art.  The vast empty countryside shines with beauty and visions of life less complicated these days.

The Pennines is a range of hills and mountains separating the area of Yorkshire from the northwest. Just as I love reading about the Yorkshire Shepherdess and viewing the magnificent scenery in her posts on Twitter, I enjoy looking at Mr. Brooks paintings.  By the way, if anyone knows where I can get a copy of the landscape books for a reasonable price, please contact me.  I have found a copy of the book pictured above but $58 is too steep for my budget these days!

The photos here are credited from the AC Gallery. We don’t own any of Brooks paintings, alas.

I was inspired by Joy for British Isles Friday to share some beauty today. She has posted about virtual museum tours which is ideal for the situation we are all in these days.  Staying home doesn’t mean you can enjoy art and science.  Check out here post HERE.

Sharing with Joy for British Isles Friday.


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