The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

DF72BA8D-1B64-4A2B-8B57-604061B336E1I liked Kubica’s previous book Pretty Baby so I was excited to get my digital library loan for The Other Mrs.

We start off with Will & Sadie Foust and their young sons arriving in Maine, looking at a house they’ve inherited from Will’s deceased sister Alice.  Included in the inheritance is custody of Imogene, Alice’s 16 year old daughter. Sadie  has an uneasy feeling about the house and the move. It’s a big change from the apartment they had in Chicago. The house is located on one of Maine’s islands.

Right now with people self isolating I have to say living on an island sounds pretty good. A ferry comes twice a day to take kids to school on the mainland and for people to commute and get groceries.

Frankly there aren’t a lot of likable people in this book in the very beginning. I feel a little sorry for Sadie but I definitely did not like her husband Will. This intensified as I read on. The character Imogen was no picnic either but let’s allow for the fact that her mother was dead and she is now subject to these strangers moving into her home.

After reading a little more I’ll say it has a decent plot with a lot of mystery, psychological kind of drama. I think it was around 82% mark that I slapped  my head and said, really? I did not like the turn the plot took but I’d read so far that I decided to finish it.

Perhaps Kubica meant to bring awareness about  mental illness and slam this ending to a crescendo where you’d say, wow that was amazing. Didn’t see it coming, etc.

Instead it made me feel gypped. I’ve read books where I didn’t like the ending but this was different. She wrapped it up but that twist….yeah. Rolling my eyes.

Obviously this is just my opinion and yes I would read another book by this author in the future. At least one more.


4 thoughts on “The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

    • It’s near the 81% mark on my Kindle, when Sadie arrives at the police station. Keep reading there and let me know!
      By the way, that didn’t give spoilers 😊


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