Hello and Goodbye

Hello all. I have enjoyed writing on this blog for years but I am considering, strongly considering, moving to new hosting site. Starting anew elsewhere has been on my mind.

The new editor and format on WordPress drives me crazy. Maybe I’m too thick to negotiate it but it’s just so frustrating. I write here at Novel Meals for fun and because I love doing book reviews and chatting with likeminded folks. When it was no longer fun I had to evaluate if I’d like to continue.

I will be finishing up any obligations I have for NetGalley and other social events. Plus I have a few posts scheduled coming up, things I set up earlier.

Thanks to all the nice people who have made comments and to 412 people who follow me here!

20 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye

  1. Thanks for letting us know. I hope you’ll share a link to your new site.

    And, yeah, the new WordPress format is frustrating for sure. I actually switched back to the old one. Ha!

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  2. It is so sad to me when a blogger moves on to other things. I still miss a couple like Juanita’s Cocina and Vintage Sugar Cube (and others) greatly. I will add Novel Meals to the list. I do hope you let us know of your plans and where you land!!! Best wishes!!!!!

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    • Thank you, Debra. I tried paying for the Dot Com once on another site but when I decided to stop paying yearly the blog eventually disappeared. All that work and it went into the wind! Same happened with a friend who paid for her site – Months of Edible Celebrations – that was Louise. Her blog is gone. We’ll see….I really enjoyed this. Love the look of WP. Ugh.

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    • After Louise died I guess her family didn’t pay for the website maintenance so it goes into the ether. That’s what happened when I used to pay for my other book blog called Novel Meals at another hosting site. I decided I didn’t want to pay for it and they bugged me a bit, gave me a chance to pay for the Dot Com….then it disappeared.
      I miss Louise too. She was very nice. Did you know her real name was Denise?!


  3. Sorry to see you leave here, but understand the frustration. Right now on blogger, everything is automatically double spacing and I have no idea how to make it stop. Ugh. Please let us know if you start another blog somewhere else!

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    • Oh, JoAnn, I wish I knew what to tell you on that issue. I don’t think mine is double spacing there. I’ll let you know where I land unless I just stop blogging altogether 😦


  4. It’s sad that the software is driving you out of blogging. The google blogger software is also changing this summer, and many people are frustrated with it. However, it’s free of charge, and as far as I know they never delete any blogs. I think that almost all software eventually suffers from “feature creep” where the programmers think they have all kinds of great ideas for new bells & whistles, but actual users just want things to be simple. I’ve figured out how to navigate the new blogger somewhat, but every time I try to use it consistently it drives me so crazy I revert to the old software. So I see what you are probably suffering.

    I know you have two blogs at the moment — I did that for a long time and then went to just one, which makes it easier.

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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    • Mae, you are so correct about bloggers wanting something simple. I was loving the WP setup and think it looks so pretty. It was easy for me to use. As this was my “fun outlet” I won’t keep up with a book blog if it’s frustrating. I use Goodreads and maybe I will stick with that.

      However, all that being said, IF by some miracle they leave it alone on Blogspot I might take up residence there. We’ll see! I love visiting with people and will continue to do that.
      Thanks for your comment, you hit it on the mark.


  5. You may read criticism of blogspot, and especially the “new blogspot” but I must say that I do not share in that criticism. I like it. I have been here since 2006, and it has almost always been easy to use. I can do everything I want, and am very happy. Just an idea if you do want an alternative.

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    • Nan, thank you much for the input. I have my food blog on Blogspot and haven’t been active much this month but, I did like the Classic editor. It’s been a long time for both of us blogging, since 2006 for me too πŸ™‚


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