Starting over at Turn the Page

I thought I could quit book blogging but turns out I missed it.  There were a few people who asked me to let them know if I moved elsewhere and I let them know.  In case I missed a bookish friend I wanted to try a post here to say I started up again on Blogspot. 


Turn the Page is the new site and I’m starting fresh.  In a way.  I couldn’t stand leaving behind some of my favorite posts and authors so I’ve plugged in a few previous reviews at the new place. Also, I had to keep my beloved shiba inu Kobe as my header. Both he and now Aja are gone but never ever forgotten. My book buddies.

Anyway, it’s been an experiment while I played around there to see if I’d keep it up and….turns out I will.

I wish anyone reading this a very happy and healthy holiday celebration, however you celebrate. Stay safe and healthy and let’s make 2021 a better year.

Turn the Page

7 thoughts on “Starting over at Turn the Page

  1. Oh no!!!! I missed the sad news about Aja. I’m so sorry. That’s what I get for stepping away from blogs and social media. If I haven’t said it before, I hope your holidays are safe and happy. I hope to be much more active in 2021 — I think the stresses of this last year finally caught up with me in this last quarter. Good news about Turn the Page!

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    • Thanjs so much for the condolances abor Aja. It physically hurt and I know we will probably get another dog one day but man….2020 sucked.
      Wishing you safe and happy times coming up and let’s make 2021 a great year!


  2. I’m trying to catch up with the book blogging community that I lost touch with during my own blogging hiatus, and am just seeing this news now! I’ll see you at Turn the Page!


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