Kate Hewitt Christmas books set in Cumbria and Yorkshire

vicarageA Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewitt is a very short book, more of a novella. Evidently there will be a series focusing on the Holley Sisters. In this book the focus is Anna Holley. She lives in Manchester but a Christmas visit brings her home for the first time in years.  Her childhood home is the vicarage in Thornthwaite situated in beautiful Cumbria. I have a soft spot for any book set in Cumbria as my ancestral roots are there.

Anna loves her home and has many wonderful memories with the exception of a haunting memory of her brother Jamie’s death.  She also suffers from  a bit of social anxiety and avoids crowds and gatherings when she can.  Being Christmas time and her father is the vicar…well, there will be people gathering at the vicarage.

Anna decides to step out during a party, heads to the pub and meets a nice man named Simon.  With the prompting from Simon and a pint of cider, and Anna thinking she will never see this man again, she pours her heart out about her anxiety and her family.  You can see where this will go, right?  In this genre you can predict how things will turn out but it’s still a lovely romp through a beautiful landscape, snow, love and forgiveness.

I won a copy of this eBook from LibraryThing. Thanks LT! holly

A Yorkshire Christmas
If you want a quick read with the Christmas theme and a setting in England then this book is perfect for you. Incidentally, this is a wholesome romance without explicit language or scenes so, family friendly reading here.

My preference is Kate Hewitt’s women’s fiction – Rainy Day Sisters is also set in Cumbria and that was my favorite of the books I’ve read by this author.

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Rainy Day Sisters by Kate Hewitt

Based on a review by my bookish friend at Angry Grey Cat Reads I picked up this novel by Kate Hewitt. Her review may be found HERE.

Since I seemed to be on a police procedural kick lately I wanted to read a completely different genre. This book would be classified as women’s fiction and the setting was absolutely perfect. My great grandparents and his line hailed from Cumbria, living in Burnrigg and Wetheral before coming to the United States to start a new life. Reading about the Cumbria setting took me away as an armchair traveler.

The Rainy Day Sisters are Lucy and Juliet. They are actually half-siblings who haven’t grown up together or had much contact with one another over the years. Their mother, Fiona, clearly favors the younger child Lucy and has shunned Juliet all her life. We find out why near the end of the book but I can say, I was not at all sympathetic with Fiona.

After Fiona managed to derail Lucy’s career in Boston, Juliet offers Lucy sanctuary in her small village, telling her to come live at her B&B and take a temporary job at the local school. It doesn’t take long for Lucy to love the village and the people, especially her dishy boss Alex Kincaid. Where Lucy is fun loving and quick to smile, Juliet is standoffish and keeps her feelings to herself. Clearly they want to become closer and have a sisterly relationship. It’s a family drama with a bit of romance thrown in. Not the sort of book I usually gravitate toward but I know I would read more by Kate Hewitt.

As a matter of fact, when I opened this book I saw it’s a series called Hartley-by-the-Sea so I will add these to my stacks for future reading.

Check out this little box of Yorkshire tea I found at World Market.  I had not seen such a small box before and had to grab it.  Perfect to go with a story set in northern England.


My Cumbrian history may be found at the Delaware County Historical Society HERE.

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