Culinary creations inspired by books

What’s all this then?   I started this site as a just-for-fun outlet to pair food with books.  After reading most novels, a biography or memoir I prepare a dish inspired from the story.

Who am I?

I’m a bookworm who also loves to cook and bake. I also enjoy wine, am a cocktail enthusiast, find bread baking therapeutic and serve as unpaid staff to spoiled shiba inus. I write at Squirrel Head Manor (food and ramblings) and Novel Meals (book reviews and a culinary pairing to the latest book).


Have something to share?  A comment, a suggestion or just want to say hello?

Drop me a line  at Tmculbertson AT gmail DOT com – I love getting mail (and books too)!

4 thoughts on “Culinary creations inspired by books”

  1. Morning! Congratulations – you are the winner of my New Year competition and have won a week of free advertisitng on my blog. Have a lovely week!


  2. Hi, my name’s Isabelle (you can call me Izzy). I’m thrilled to have found your blog. I was searching for bloggers who could add more life to my new event “Izzy May I.” This week’s challenge involves literary impressions or imitations, and Novel Meals fits perfectly with that. If you can, feel free to join the event. 😀


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