Readers’ Workout on Vacation

I’m on vacation this week so I wasn’t sure if I would be walking more or less. As it turns out, I have walked less so far. Our old Shiba Inu was quite sick on Friday evening and we were both up with her many times during the early morning hours.

Saturday morning we had her at the vet’s office as soon as they opened. Long story short and $750 later, Aja has pancreatitis.

Here she is sporting a bandage from the blood work and IV.


With very little sleep we just weren’t worth a darned as far as exercise. So, not much walking in that day. Yesterday we did manage to get a ride in so, no walking for a bit there as rode up into Georgia and sat on a motorcycle.

Here are my stats for the week ending Oct. 9th where I was hoofing it a bit more.

 photo fitbitStats_zpsolkbslet.jpg

Oh, I managed to reset my account with FitBit and instead of it showing I have lost 5 and a half pounds since I got the device, now it on;y shows .4 pounds.  Somehow I reset the date and can’t figure out what to do so, there it is.  No biggie as I know what I’ve lost and I’m keeping up the good diet and exercise.

How as your week? 

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4 thoughts on “Readers’ Workout on Vacation

  1. I hope Aja’s feeling better.
    I set my daily goal a bit higher on my fitbit a while back, but can’t figure out how to adjust the weekly one. Sometimes things seem like they should be easier to do than they are.


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