Bradford-on-Avon, Wild ponies and Stonehenge #BriFri

These are old photos of our vacation to England in 1999. I realized how long ago it was, how long we have said “One day we need to go back” after our son celebrated his 28th birthday this week.   Wow, where did the time go?!

Here is a snap of me with our  11-year old son Tristan. Crusty Bloomers s now out of business but what a place! I remember asking what time they closed and getting a response of, “Oh, about 4:20.” It was whenever they ran out of pasties and breads and sweets.


Wild ponies in Exmoor, what else could a kid want?


When we visited Avebury our feet ended up soaked. So we bought Wellies. Once Tristan had them on his feet you’d be hard pressed to ever pull them off. Here he is enjoying the Exmoor National Park. And yes, he did ask for a tweed hat.


My husband took some amazing photos at Stonehenge. As a storm started moving in people were moving fast to take cover. Then there was lightening, evidently not a common sight because it actually made the National news.

It came down to Doug and a woman from Alabama getting some good shots before the storm actually hit. For us, big storms are a regular occurrence, not that we don’t take lightening seriously.


This is a vacation we enjoyed and I hope we return one day!

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