Stand United Manchester

For British Isles Friday I was going to talk about The Secret Garden, a classic book I finished while trying to recover from a stubborn virus. Right now my thoughts are about the people in Manchester England and book talk seems so inappropriate.

I’m keeping up with the news and filled with sadness when I look at the photos of the children who were killed and reading about the parents who lost their lives while awaiting their daughters to get out of a pop concert. The initial photos and pleas for information about missing loved ones was heart wrenching.


It’s all so senseless. I will never in a million years understand the hate that would direct anyone to commit such a heinous act.

I feel such compassion for these people who have lost a loved one. Despite the grief and shock, perhaps because of it, Manchester has certainly come together as a community with love and support. My thoughts are with you.

Stand United Manchester

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8 thoughts on “Stand United Manchester

  1. It was such a shock when I heard, and then I couldn’t get hold of my son for most of the day and started to wonder if he’d popped into the lobby there to meet his mate who works at the arena. Both my son and his friend were fine (asleep!!!) so I’m relieved.You’re right, it’s senseless and heartbreaking, Especially when Manchester is such a welcoming, multicultural city.

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  2. The cruelty of people continues to amaze me. I don’t understand how a human being could do such terrible things to other human beings. Baffles my mind. My thoughts and prayers are with Manchester.

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