The Secret of the Irish Castle {book 3} by Santa Montefiore

Novels with an Irish setting?  Bring it on!

This is the last book in the trilogy and I can say I enjoyed all the books immensely.  Book 1 is The Girl in the Castle, Book 2 is The Daughters of Ireland and The Secret of the Irish Castle wraps it all up neatly.  Perfect ending if you ask me.

The author does a good job of recapping things from previous books so you’re not lost if you haven’t read the other two books in quite a while.  That being said, you need to read these in order for the character development to make sense.

We continue with the story of Kitty Deverill , Bridie Doyle and Jack O’Leary.  Lots of scenes with the fun characters Harry Deverill, Boysie and Celia. There are ulterior motives for assisting one another with exposing Bride’s husband the faux Count – Rosetta wants to help her friend while Grace is helping so she can get back in Michael’s good graces and his bed.

There are times it’s a soap opera or Facebook drama but if you are a fan of the series, what a page turner.  It’s always nice to be an armchair traveler and visit Ireland.

There were a few food items mentioned but it’s the usual tea, scones, biscuits, cake and fish.  For a fancy dinner salmon mousse, roasted duck and pheasant were served.

I received a copy of this lovely book from LibraryThing. All opinions are my own. A+

16 thoughts on “The Secret of the Irish Castle {book 3} by Santa Montefiore

  1. You didn’t say what century/time frame for the book. In the 19th century of course the main food event was famine. However, the food in Ireland today is really wonderful, in my experience. There are great oysters and fish for dinner, cozy tea time, interesting breakfasts… should be a lot for an author to work with.


  2. I really liked the first book but haven’t read the 2nd book yet even though it’s been staring at me for awhile. I think one of the reason I haven’t picked it up yet is the drama even though at the same time I loved it. I’ve been wanting books with a little more heart lately and I think that’s a sign to pick up book #2 so I can get to this one.

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  3. I have only read the first one entitled Songs of Love and War when I bought it. It covers a time and place with which I was unfamiliar so I enjoyed the education as well as the story. So much so that I recommended it for my book club. They like series so I think they will like this one.

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