2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge hosted at Girlxoxo

It’s that time of year when I am tempted to join in on reading challenges for the new year.  Sometimes I get too enthusiastic and can’t keep up.  This year I did something boneheaded – I signed up for the 2018 Monthly Motif at Girlxoxo and only linked up in the beginning.  😦  Brilliant.  Next year I will do better.  It’s in my new calendar so that should remind me.

The 2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge  hosted at Girlxoxo is HERE.


Here are the themes below.  I already have some books in mind for these monthly motifs and definitely plan to link up in the proper time frame.

JANUARY – New to You Author
Read a book by an author whose writing you’ve never read before.

FEBRUARY – Cover Love
Yes. We’re giving you permission to judge a book by its cover and read a book with a cover that really caught your eye.

MARCH – Royalty, Kingdoms, Empires, Governments
Read a book in which the character is involved in a ruling or governing body in some way.

APRIL – Crack the Case
Read a mystery, detective story, true crime, cozy mystery, or book involving a puzzle to solve.

MAY – One Sitting Reads
Read something that is short enough you could get through it in one sitting- try a graphic novel, comic book, short story, essay, or short collection of poetry.

JUNE – Diversify Your Reading
Read a book with a character (or written by an author) of a race, religion, or sexual orientation other than your own or read about a culture you want to learn more about.

JULY – Through The Years
Read a book involving time travel, a book with a ‘time’ setting such as The Great Gatsby (20s), read a historical fiction/nonfiction, or choose a book published in your birth year.

AUGUST – Mode of Transportation
Read a book where the mode of transportation plays a role in the story (ex. Murder on the Orient Express or The Boys in the Boat)

SEPTEMBER – Animal, Number, Color, Name
One of those things needs to be in the title of the book you choose (ex. Water for Elephants, Red Queen, Fahrenheit 451, Rebecca, Harry Potter)

OCTOBER – Tricks and Trades
Read a book set in a theater, an amusement park, a circus, or a book involving magic, illusions, or characters with special powers.

NOVEMBER – Seasons, Elements, and Weather
Embrace a winter wonderland setting, pick a beach read, or read about a natural disaster. As long as a season, element, or the weather plays a key role in the story or is part of the title, it counts. (ex. Little Fires Everywhere, The Snow Child, On The Island)

DECEMBER – Last Chance
Finally read that one book that you’ve been meaning to get to all year long.

Please let me know in comments if you are joining in on any challenges for 2019.  I’d love to know and may join in. Okay, let’s get reading! 


7 thoughts on “2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge hosted at Girlxoxo

  1. I look forward to The What’s In A Name Challenge, but haven’t seen it posted yet. I also do Where Are You Reading, Reading From My Shelves, A to Z Titles and Read More Than One Book By An Author.

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  2. So glad you are giving the Monthly Motif another go. I always get enthusiastic about reading challenges and then fall off the train mid year. I thought about not joining any this year but they are so much fun! I am just committing to check in more often and stay on top of them as much as possible. I’m also committing to checking in with those who sign up for the Monthly Motif to help them along as well.


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