Inheritance by Dani Shapiro

inheritance I seem to be on a non-fiction reading streak lately. This book has been talked about on the book blogs I read, in particular on Beth Fish Reads has mentioned Shapio’s books, also Vicki’s I’d Rather Be at the Beach and JoAnn’s Lakeside Musing.  This is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Dani Shapiro took a DNA test through Ancestry fully expecting to know the answers about her heritage.  She was from an Orthodox Jewish family,  spoke perfect Hebrew and could tell you her long lineage without missing a beat.  Despite being a blue-eyed blonde, the girl in the photos who stood out from her dark haired half sibling and cousins – she was confident about her lineage.   The results of the test pulled her world apart as a loose thread in a tapestry.

At the age of 54 she learned her father was not her biological father. They must have made a mistake. It’s an interesting journey reading how Shapiro used her research skills to find more information about her biological background.  With the support of her husband and son she embarked on a journey to discover the part of her ancestry she never knew or suspected.

Being a former devotee of family history research (I burnt out) this ignited the flame a bit.  I will be checking on the particulars of 23 & Me before plopping down any money.  This is a good book and I will certainly keep Ms. Shapiro on my reading radar.

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