Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve read the most


This week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is a list of authors we have devoured, lots and lots of books.  This is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

No doubt there are authors I can’t get enough of and try and get every single book they’ve had published. If there is a series I’m overjoyed – love me a series.

Peter Robinson‘s DCI Banks series is one I’ve read in order.  All 26 books in the series. This British author keeps the setting of his novels in northern England, Yorkshire area. He’s still writing them but I expect it will wrap up before too long.


J.K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith I will lump together because…well, it’s the same person.  I have read all the Harry Potter books as well as the Cormoran Strike books.  Bring ’em on!  I love the Strike series and am looking forward to the next installment.

William Stuart Long.  This author is a woman writing under a pen name.  Her series called The Australian Saga has 12 books and follows the generations of people (convicts, soldiers and settlers) through Australia’s development.  Some of the books were hard to find and when my husband would travel on business, he had a list of the books I was missing and kindly went to used book stores. I have them all!  This is historical fiction and you will read about real people such as Captain Bligh and Lachlan McQuarie, the Rum troops and more.


Edward Rutherfurd – This British author is the modern day James Michener. Big fat books with loads of history. The Forest and all in his Ireland trilogy are very good.

Robert Ludlum – My introduction to Ludlum was in Spain, 1976 at a used book store. I was aching to read and, lo and behold, here was a book printed in English.  It was The Osterman Weekend. These are espionage and thrillers – think Jason Bourne.


Maeve Binchy – I have read all 17 of her novels and several short stories.  Two of my favorites are Light a Penny Candle and Firefly Summer. If you want to armchair travel to Ireland, pick up one of her books.  I’d classify her books as women’s fiction.


Kate Morton – I’ve read all six of her books and will always look forward to her latest. If you like a mystery (not a police procedural), big estates with a historical background and a setting primarily in England you may like her work.

Tana French – The Dublin Murder Squad series is excellent. She has 7 books so far and I am looking forward to her next book, The Searcher.

Rosamunde Pilcher – One of my all time favorite books is The Shell Seekers and I have read over 18 of her books. She will immerse you in Cornwall and Scotland. Another favorite is Coming Home. 

Ann Cleeves is going on my list because now that I have discovered the Vera series, I can’t get enough. So far I have read half of her Shetland series and am about to knock off the 4th book in the Vera series.

What are your favorites?  I’d love to discover new authors, especially those who write a series.

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35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve read the most

    • JoAnn, I rarely reread a book butu that one was epic. I’m thinkning of revisiting Coing Home by Pilcher as well. This sticking home and the constant rain up here is getting depressing and I need comfort reads!
      I say that as I preordered a load of new books. Ha!

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  2. You have inspired me once again. I couldn’t resist and had to throw a TTT post together this morning! I read a bunch of Ludlum and Binchy back in the day (although they are not comparable at all)!

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    • Greg, if you get into Ludlum you will have lots of books at your disposal. I haven’t read any of the ones co-authored after his death but may try one. One day.


  3. All of the above, Tina, with the exception of Edward Rutherford, who I have never read but am going to go out and find. Add to these: Stephen King, Penny Vincenzi, Marcia Willett, Louise Penny, Kate Atkinson and Peter James. ❤

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    • Tandy, sometimes I end up reading at least one out of order. I will forget to check and see if there are previous books. I did that with Dublin Murder Squad and a Fiona Barton series.

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  4. Anyone who can make a list of ten favorite authors is my hero — I read all the time but faced with that challenge my mind is a blank and all I can think about is “The Princess and the Goblin” which was my fave when I was in third grade. And it’s not my favorite any more.

    be well… mae at

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  5. I love Rosamunde Pilcher (especially her short stories) and have really enjoyed everything I’ve read by Kate Morton and Maeve Binchy. Those are two authors I definitely need to explore a bit more. I’m not sure I’ve read anything from any of the others so you have me curious. Peter Robinson’s mysteries have been calling my name for a bit though.

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    • Katherine, Peter Robinson books can be dated as the author writes them in real time and DCI Banks ages as we do. It’s interesting to see his love of music embedded in the stories and the changes from a Walkman to modern day digital music.


  6. I love Ann Cleeves, she is among my favorites. I started reading The DCI Banks books after seeing your reviews of them and I really like them as well, I am only up to book 7. I’ve only read a couple Harry Potter’s, but I really like her writing as Robert Galbraith. Lots of great books on this list!

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    • Thank you! I have been tearing through the Vera series and will probably resume tackling the Shetland series too. I agree, Galbraith’s writing is very good and I can’t wait for next book.

      Hope you are well!


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