Blood at the Root by Peter Robinson

blood In my opinion Blood at the Root isn’t one of Robinson’s best books with DCI Banks, but that certainly won’t keep me from reading more of this series. There is much going on this book besides the usual murder to solve. Relationships are shattered, there are problems between Banks and his immediate supervisor, his wife wants a separation and he suddenly realizes he is very alone.

I felt sorry for Banks in this book. He is stinging from his argument with Sandra and he drops in on his daughter who is a student at Leeds University, only to discover she is out with friends at a pub. When he arrives and sees Tracy laughing and enjoying herself with friends, he hesitates. Not wanting to join her and disrupt the fun he silently leaves without her ever knowing he was there. He is reminded of his wife as Tracy looks so much like Sandra, blonde hair and dark eyebrows.

The main storyline is about the murder of a racist, a young man who is/was a member of a neo-Nazi group. There was an argument between him and three Pakistani men so naturally, the Pakistanis fall under suspicion. There are other suspects cropping up once DCI Banks and DC Susan Gay start an investigation. Susan has a private revelation that she is attracted to Alan Banks, a situation that would cause big problems since Alan is her boss. And married. After reading eight books in this series I never tire of Eastvale and how a small town police agency operate, or Banks’ continuing musical journey with opera or jazz or rock and roll.

It’s not a foodie book but food is mentioned here and there. The unappealing omelet Banks prepared for himself on late evening, mushroom pizza and one that really grabbed me – Chicken and mushroom pie and an Old Peculiar.

Having to stay away from wheat I didn’t make a pie crust but was inspired to make a chicken dinner with brown rice and veggies. It’s not a pub meal but I guess it could be, right?

On to my stack of books and will be reviewing The Martian, Skinnytaste and Getting Even.

Happy Reading!

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This book was also on my list for British Books Challenge

17 thoughts on “Blood at the Root by Peter Robinson

  1. I haven’t read this series but now I definitely want too! Sounds like my kind of book. What you said about the main characters reminds me a bit of Deborah Crombie’s books and she’s one of my favorites. I’ll definitely have to try it. Your chicken dinner looks delish! That chicken looks juicy and flavorful just from the picture!


  2. I haven’t read these books yet, but they’ve been on my list. I love it when a book inspires me to get in the kitchen. I was out of town all weekend, so forgive my late visit.


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