The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook 

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook 


If you have ever watched Mad Men and are a fan – this is a great book.  It has stories as well as recipes.  Every time we watched this show I wanted a martini and my husband wanted an Old fashioned.

We still haven’t seen the final episodes of this series, waiting on Netflicks, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying this book.

There are recipes for so many good drinks: Old Fashions, martinis, Manhattans, Mimosas and more.

Food too!  Oysters Rockefeller, crown rib roast, turkey tetrazzini, pineapple upside down cake…… will love just flipping through the pages of this book.


In addition to the many good recipes are stories about the television show and cultural context about the world in the 1960s.  It definitely wasn’t a good era to be a woman in the workplace. But as I watched the show I was amazed at how spot on they got the set designs.  Everything from the attire to the decorations – lamps, tables, the smoking and drinking in the office, the bar ware…all of it rang true.


I am dating myself because yes, I grew up in the 60s.  Well I was a child in the 1960s but I can’t tell you the number of times my husband and I would watch an episode and say, “Hey look, my grandmother had those tumblers or lamp” or whatever.   Blast from the past here.

Time to mix up a couple of Manhattans and listen to the Beatles.

*I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book from Debra at Eliot’s Eats. Thank you, Debra!

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21 thoughts on “The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook 

  1. Ha! Nothing wrong with a post or two on drinking! And I had to laugh at your recognizing tableware — we were doing the same. And the clothes and the cars. I really loved this cookbook. So much fun to look through. We made a couple of cocktails too.


  2. It sounds just delightful! I watched the first few seasons, and then I just couldn’t stand the women’s situations so I quit. But I agree that the design, the clothes, the ambience was perfectly done.


  3. What a good idea publishing a book to go with the series. Culturally-related food and drinks add depth to watching the show, plus would be fun for theme parties. I’ll have to see if some of my friends who are fans of Mad Men would be interested 🙂


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