British Isles Friday


This this week I wanted to share some British authored/themed books as well as a movie. It’s been my week to indulge the Anglophile streak I have, all courtesy of my lovely local library!

Man up starring Simon Pegg


The premise: A single woman takes the place of a stranger’s blind date, which leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend. Simon Pegg is the star and from what I saw in the credits – he wrote much of the script. It’s not brilliant, he’s not drop-dead-gorgeous-Ryan-Reynolds but it’s an amusing Rom-Com and totally British. The locale, the actors and humor. There aren’t a lot of F Bombs but if that offends, steer clear.
On on to cookbooks – I received my long awaited Nigella Lawson book, Feel Good Food. Nigella has always been one of my favorites. I can’t wait to share some of the recipes.



How To Be A Heroine by Samantha Ellis


What an interesting concept for a book. Ellis revisits the heroines of classic books. While she loved Cathy Earnshaw all her life, looking at the stories and characters as an adult now made her reevaluate. This resulted in a comparison of many classic main characters. Cathy Earnshaw vs Jane Eyre is just the beginning.

So that’s the wrap up from me and my Anglophile side this Friday.
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5 thoughts on “British Isles Friday

  1. Hey Tina, I haven’t heard of Man Up, it sounds cool. A few F-Bombs don’t bother me — I live in Los Angeles!! But seriously, i love that indiscernible something quirky that Brits bring to their rom-coms so I’ll be on the lookout. I wonder if it’s on NetFlix. Cheers! Thanks for the nice comments on my British Isles Friday post, I’ll see you next week.


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